"Melissa Jesser, a 23-year-old graduate of Emerson College, demonstrated uncommon versatility in Boston Playwrights’ Theatre’s “Chosen Child.’’ Jesser delivered finely etched portrayals of three very different characters: a rough-edged ticket clerk in a New York bus station, a social worker trying to fathom why a college professor is reacting so coldly to her mother’s death, and the daughter of that professor, confronting the depth of her mom’s emotional wounds."- Don Aucoin, Boston Globe, "Young Actors Had Stage Presence in 2014"

"Jesser's wide-eyed, doe-like responses are laudable for their innocence as well as their silent judgement; her Rose is spunky and resilient, despite the men trying to cast her as a sex object. Jesser rises above being a mere pawn for the men in order to create a more richly-drawn woman in a world of men. Her most praiseworthy scene was with Nael Nacer and her determination was both shocking and beautiful"- Brian Balduzzi, ArtsImpulse review of The Flick at Gloucester Stage Company

"Melissa Jesser as the ever-curious girl next door is spot on, tempting one moment, troubling the next. She’s devilishly funny at times, and helps the “G”-man find moments when he’s less driven and more human."- John Winters, WBUR's The Artery review of Mr. g at Underground Railway Theatre

"Melissa Jesser is perfect as the slacker-ish Rose; saying volumes with her eyes during the plays many pauses (which are used to great effect)."- Mike Hoban, Events Insider review of The Flick at Gloucester Stage Company

"Melissa Jesser makes smooth transitions between three different roles, creating an especially sympathetic character as the ticket taker who tries to help David."- Iris Fanger, Theatre Mania review of Chosen Child at Boston Playwright's Theatre

"Melissa Jesser is a triple threat in her three roles"- Sheila Barth, Theatre Mirror review of Chosen Child at Boston Playwright's Theatre